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My name is Christine, and I developed Fair Hills Farmacy to share with you some of my favorite, amazing wonders of the plant world – herbs, plants and essential oils!  I must emphasize that the purpose of this site is for educational information purposes only.  This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical ailment, condition or disease. The reader bears sole personal responsibility to seek professional medical help when needed.

I started this site in order to share some of the things I enjoy using within my own family and on our little farm.  I wanted to have a site that I could refer my friends and family to, in order to make it easier to share this information.  In the following pages you will find herbs, essential oils, recipes and foods that we use to help foster good health and strong immunity.  I am on a constant quest to find things that help keep my family healthy, because, there is nothing worse than having a stomach bug or the flu moving through a large family with 9 children!  In the words of Barney Fife, the best thing to do is to “Nip it.  Nip it in the bud!”  So with that in mind, and given that we are entering the cold and flu season, I want to list what is in my “KITCHEN MEDICINE CABINET:”


1.  COD LIVER OIL – a source of omega 3 oils and vitamins A and D, these nutrients are necessary for a whole host of optimal bodily functions, to include strong teeth and bones, strong immune system, good cardiac health, good mental health and good sleep patterns.  Deficiencies of these vitamins are underlying causes for many illnesses. You can find Carlson’s Norwegian Cod Liver Oil with Lemon (in the green bottle) from www.vitacost.com.

2.  QUALITY MULTIVITAMIN AND CALCIUM / MAGNESIUM SUPPLEMENTS – We have used Dr. Ron Schmid’s quality vitamins and supplements for many years now, because his supplements contain no magnesium stearate or junk fillers which could contain contaminants.  Dr. Ron is a practicing Naturopathic Physician, has authored several books, and also has a wealth of good articles on his website on how to keep yourself and your family healthy.  He also has experience in treating and personally living with (mostly symptom-free) Lyme Disease. There is a large selection of wonderful supplements, cod liver, emu and coconut oils, and delightful skin care products.  Check out his website at www.drrons.com 

3.  VITAMIN C – There is much research documenting the effectiveness of vitamin C in strengthening the body to fight off viruses.  For some amazing information, check out www.vitamincfoundation.org.  We usually have on hand EmergenC brand powder or Airborne brand chewable tablets to take when anyone in our family gets a little “under the weather.”


4.  THERAPEUTIC-GRADE ESSENTIAL OILS – I so love these wonderfully aromatic and fabulous oils that I get from Young Living.  I absolutely love this company and their products.  It is so easy to use essential oils.  We diffuse them, so the house smells lovely as the oils freshen the air, we inhale them, we massage them into our feet or anywhere we need their effects, and we make wonderful bath salts and cleaning solutions with them to sanitize and freshen ourselves and our home and our animals!  We also use our essential oils daily and especially aggressively when anyone feels they are coming down with a cold.  My top 12 must – have oils are:

Thieves, RC, Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Copaiba, Hyssop, Oregano, Vetiver, Geranium, Melrose  Please refer to my article explaining how we use our Therapeutic – Grade Essential Oils.


5.   LEMONS, RAW HONEY, RAW APPLE CIDER VINEGAR, CINNAMON STICKS, WHOLE CLOVES –  What can you make with these foods?  A wonderful and delightful “tea” can be made with a sliced and squeezed lemon with the juice in a teapot, to which you add a couple of pieces of cinnamon sticks, a teaspoon of whole cloves, and then pour boiling water over to allow to steep for 10-15 minutes.  Pour out your lemon tea into a cup and sweeten to taste with the honey and it is an incredibly soothing hot drink, especially good for sore throats and colds or flu.  When the teapot is drained of the liquid, simply add some more hot water.  Usually you can get several teapots’ worth of lemon tea from this one batch.  As for the apple cider vinegar, it is especially helpful to drink a teaspoon up to a tablespoon in some water sweetened with some honey as a natural “electrolyte replacer” after exercising, or when feverish. We also routinely use apple cider vinegar in cooking, to supplement our chickens’ and horse’s water as well.  Using the raw apple cider vinegar ensures that you get the raw enzymes from the “mother” or sediment which collects on the bottom of the bottle, so be sure to shake it up before pouring it out!  My favorite raw apple cider vinegar is Eden Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, which we buy from www.tropicaltraditions.com.


6SEA SALT –  I only use sea salt in my cooking and household care.  Sea Salt has traces of minerals and is a natural source of salt that the body actually needs.  We use Real Salt brand and purchase ours by the bucket from www.breadbeckers.com  One of the things we like to do if we come down with a sore throat is gargle with sea salt and water.  Then we usually take vitamin C, rub Thieves oil on our feet, and RC on our lymph nodes around the outside of the throat and start drinking hot lemon tea!


7.  HOMEMADE BONE BROTH   This is one of the easiest, most nutritious and economical ways to boost your health and nutrition.  I like to make chicken broth by boiling a whole chicken with sea salt, onions and garlic,  chopped carrots and a dash of apple cider vinegar for at least 2 hours.  I take the cooked chicken and use it is a casserole or in serving pieces for a meal, and then filter the clear broth into 1 or 2 cup containers and freeze them.  This broth can then be used to make soups, stews, rice, quinoa, cous cous, or to use as a clear broth for a sick family member.  I also simply use the broth fresh to make a delightful chicken tetrazini by cooking the spaghetti noodles in the broth.  It makes a difference to cook the noodles in the chicken broth, and really gives a nice, full, nutritious flavor to the casserole.  To make beef bone broth, I use beef bones from a grass-fed cow usually, and add seasonings to the bones, along with the apple cider vinegar, and lots of water to cover.  I start by cooking the bones in a big pot on the stove for a few hours, then transfer the whole bone soup into a large crockpot,  I put the crockpot on high for a few hours to keep the simmering high, then turn to low and continue to cook the broth over night.  I like to cook it at least 24 hours, because that ensures that all the calcium and minerals are pulled into the broth.  This makes an especially rich and nourishing broth.  I then use the broth the same way as the chicken broth.  This is one way to get a good dose of calcium along with the other elements such as gelatin and trace minerals in order to be very absorbable in the body.  This is good for a person who is trying not to eat dairy products or is lactose-intolerant.  Of course, it is extremely nourishing for a person who is sick and can’t eat solid food.



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