How To Get Started With Essential Oils

Therapeutic-grade essential oils can be a great asset to your home and family.  But what exactly are essential oils and why is therapeutic-grade better?

Essential oils are simply the aromatic liquids found within flowers, trees, shrubs, roots, bushes, resins and seeds.  These oils contain what many refer to as “nature’s living energy” and contain unique constituents that benefit man, animals and plants.  Essential oils have been used for thousands of years, from ancient cultures until today.  The same uses and benefits that were had in ancient times, still exist and are bountiful in these modern times.

There are many essential oil products on the market today, but I use and love the high-quality therapeutic-grade essential oils from Young Living.  As is written in Young Living’s Essential Oil Product Guide, Young Living offers the purest therapeutic-grade essential oils because they carefully control the entire “Seed to Seal” process – from the time the seed is sourced until the oil is sealed in the bottle.  Young Living’s dedication to quality ensures that they provide pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils with the complete, optimal blend of plant chemicals to ensure maximum potency and results.

The Seed to Seal process covers five crucial steps which includes:  Seed, Cultivate, Distill, Test, and Seal.  To read more detailed information about the fabulous Seed to Seal process, please click here.  You will be impressed.

In autumn of 2013, I became a wholesale member of Young Living.  I had used essential oils in the past, and had done a lot of studying about herbs and essential oils and used them in caring for my family.  But after reading about Young Living’s impeccable Seed to Seal process, and reading of many testimonials from people who have used their essential oils with astounding success, I determined to start using the oils myself and in the care of my home and family.  Since then we have had dramatic results using the oils, and even with our animals as well.  For this reason, I want to encourage the reader to study the information I post on this site about essential oils, and do your own research.  There are many excellent books and resources out there, and I will post some of them on this site.

One more thing about using therapeutic-grade essential oils versus cheaper, perfume-grade essential oils.  Many products are sold on the market today which are scented with or infused with, essential oils.  Many times these oils are perfume-grade – meaning you can certainly smell them, but they may not be pure enough to be therapeutic or have medicinal qualities because they have been adulterated or cheapened in the manufacturing process.  These kinds I would never ingest and I would prefer not to have them on my skin.  Many people have reactions to the adulterated oils which are not pure, and therefore think they can’t use therapeutic-grade oils.  I would say give Young Living’s oils a try and see if you don’t see the difference.


There are two ways you can purchase Young Living oils in order to experience the wonderful properties of essential oils.  You can buy the oils at the retail price, as long as you have a Young Living member’s number, or you can sign up to be a wholesale member and buy at the wholesale price.  This is something like getting a membership at Sam’s Club or Costco.  Once you sign up to be a wholesale member, you need only buy $50.00 worth of oils every year, to maintain your wholesale status and enjoy the privilege of buying at a discount.  If you only want to try a few oils or don’t plan on using them regularly, you can buy at the retail price, and you can do that now, using my Young Living #1531760.  Simply go to, click United States (english), and then click on the “Member Sign-Up” button and then select “Retail Customer.”  Then just order what you want.  Or, just click here to get straight to the sign-up page!


I you are serious about improving the environment and health of your home and family using essential oils, and want to pick the most economical route, I suggest you select one of the starter kits to buy and become a wholesale member.  The best deal of these options is to order the Premium Starter Kit.  On the sign-up page (if you click the wholesale member instead of the retail customer button), you will see a collection of the different types of starter kits available.  The basic Premium Starter Kit is priced at $150.00, but you get $300 worth of wonderful stuff.  The Kit includes the Everyday Oils Kit (which includes 5ml bottles of Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, Panaway, Peace & Calming, Peppermint, Purification, Thieves, and Valor).  The contents of the kits might change if an oil is out of stock, and is then replaced by a different oil. In addition, you receive a Home Diffuser, which we love in our household, as you can put oils and water in that machine and it diffuses the fabulous cleansing scents throughout your home.  It is delightful and very useful.  You also receive a Basic Starter Kit of literature and sample packets of some of the oils, and a 5ml bottle of Stress Away (a blend of oils which smells lovely).  Purchasing this kit gives you a good start on experiencing the wonderful benefits of each of the oils and blends included.  As you learn more about each of these oils and their many uses, you will find the ones that you especially enjoy and find to be the most useful to you and your family.


Essential Rewards are monthly orders that you make, at a set time every month, of $50.00 or more.  Do you have to buy the Essential Rewards monthly purchases in order to be a wholesale member?  NO!  It is not required!  But Essential Rewards orders give you an opportunity to save even more money, so it is a more economical way to buy essential oils and products.  Once you join as a wholesale member and order your Starter Kit, you can choose to make an Essential Rewards order. This is a way for you to buy oils or products on a monthly basis that you use every day, or that you want to make sure you have on hand for emergencies, illnesses, etc. It can be things like the Thieves toothpaste and mouthwash (which we LOVE and USE everyday to keep our teeth and gums healthy), or the Thieves household cleaner (which I don’t want to be without either), or the Thieves hand sanitizer, which smells wonderful, and is a must if you have children that go to school or college kids, or if you travel a lot.  There are also some excellent supplements available which many people take on a daily basis.  All of these things can be purchased on your monthly Essential Rewards autoship order, and you get a reduced shipping rate as well.  It is best to select a date that is earlier rather than later in the month, so you have time to add something in case another item you ordered goes out of stock.  Also, you can log in and change your Essential Rewards order at any time,  just make sure that if you want your order next month to include something different from what you ordered this month, you must change that order before your selected autoship date, or your change won’t be processed in time.

But the absolute best part about the Essential Rewards order is that with every purchase, you get up to 20% back on each qualifying order, which means your points add up to dollars that you can save up until you redeem them for free products!  Because I have a large family and we all use the oils and other products, I recently redeemed my Essential Rewards dollars for $220.00 worth of free essential oils and products.  Because I had some credit dollars as well, I didn’t even have to pay for shipping.  I got the whole load for free, which, incidentally, paid for my starter kit and then some.  So you see, you can really save money by using this feature, and when you make an Essential Rewards order of $190 or more, you get free bottles of oils or supplements every month, (Young Living gives specials every month) and when you spend up to $300, you get even more free stuff.  You probably don’t think you would ever spend that much a month, but if you begin to buy more of the things you buy at your local store (supplements, household cleaners, toothpaste and mouthwash and super-food powders), and instead spend your money on those items which are of superb quality in your monthly Essential Rewards order, you begin to experience more savings and at the same time, feel better about the things you are using in your family!

So if you are ready to enjoy a starter kit as a wholesale member, or if you want to try some oils at the retail price, just click here to get started!  And remember, the information I have provided on this site has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  This information is for educational purposes only.

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