About Fair Hills Farmacy

The purpose of Fair Hills Farmacy is to share the wonders and amazing healing abilities of nature’s medicine cabinet.  God, in His infinite wisdom and care for His creation, has provided everything mankind and the animal kingdom could possibly need, through the plant world in nature.  In the words of the late Juliette de Bairacli Levy in her excellent book, Common Herbs for Natural Health,

“Man can never excel Nature in medicine manufactures, for she makes the best ones.  There is an herb or several herbs to cure or relieve every ailment of man and animal, bird and insect; and herbs applied in agricultural practice will even cure crops of their diseases.”


Fair Hills Farmacy is a natural outgrowth of our family’s adventure in country living on Fair Hills Farm.  We endeavor to live a sustainable and healthy lifestyle which includes gardening, raising heritage chickens and Angora rabbits, grinding our wheat to make fresh bread, enjoying and using herbs and therapeutic-grade essential oils, and hosting friends and family in our farm guest house.

Fair Hills Farmacy exists for informational purposes only.  I love sharing information about essential oils and herbs, and encouraging people to learn more about them.  I share my opinions and experiences, and how essential oils have helped me, my family, my animals and others. Though I do have a bachelor of science degree in Nursing, I am not a physician and I do not diagnose or treat any illness or condition.  The reader is responsible for his or her own health and treatment and should consult a qualified and trusted healthcare professional when necessary.

If you are ready to learn more about using herbs, food and essential oils, then join me on a tour of the Farmacy and get ready to learn!

Christine Read

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